Is your company designed from top to bottom and from inside out to deliver amazing customer experiences?

The Blind Spot Review

An employee feedback tool

The Blind Spot Review is a sophisticated and proprietary online employee feedback tool, that surveys all employees, and then aggregates the results into comparative data of the entire organization, as well as within each department of the company. The results reveal deep insights on how well the company is executing on corporate culture, employee engagement, processes and training, productivity, strategy, and marketing, whether these pillars need fixing, and in which departments the repairs need to happen.

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Learn Why You Need It

Why you should use it
  • • Propriety questions that work together to drive organization-wide results
  • • The questions are prepopulated, so you can spend time implementing solutions
  • • Full reports are automatically generated as a pdf and ready for you to share
  • • Concentrate on solutions rather than data mining/collection
  • • The data is accurate and not based on the subjectivity or poor benchmarking
  • • Re-survey at any time and compare with your past surveys
  • • We can even customize questions for future surveys if desired
  • • Email invitations and reminder emails for employees to complete survey
  • • We set up and deploy for you
  • • Based on a yearly subscription license
  • • Backed up daily and hosted in Amazon's Canadian location using Amazon Web Services (EC2 & S3) to manage user data securely.
  • • Canadian made and designed for small to medium-sized companies and not-for-profits
  • • Accessible online through any device (desktop, tablet, and mobile)
Who it's for
  • • It’s for companies who want to change the status quo.
  • • It’s for companies who are in the pursuit of organizational excellence.
  • • It’s for companies who believe that amazing customer experiences start from within.
  • • It’s for companies who are in the state of change, good or bad.
  • • It’s for companies who are growing fast.
  • • It’s for companies who aren’t growing and don’t know why.
  • • It’s for companies who want to create cultures that inspire employees to deliver on their mission, vision, and values.

It's better and different than anything else you've tried.

Have you used online employee feedback tools in the past but didn’t get the desired results, or found yourself wondering how to apply the results?

It’s probably because you didn’t ask the right questions, or because the surveys were too simplistic, or even too complicated to use.

We have a better way for you to collect, analyze, report, and act on employee feedback.

Blind Spot Review, is a set of 42 proprietary questions, that you should be asking across the six essential pillars of your company,

  1. Corporate Culture
  2. Employee Engagement
  3. Processes / Training
  4. Productivity
  5. Strategy
  6. Marketing

all of which must work together to build a strong company from top to bottom and from inside out.

How it works

Step One

Each of your employees gets categorized into their specific departments. Then our automated platform aggregates the results of the feedback into comparative data of your entire company, as well as within each department. The results reveal which pillar needs fixing, and in which departments the repairs need to happen.

And because your company’s success is based, on its people and their interactions, we also include eight personality questions that provide more in-depth insight as to how well your employees receive, process, and share information. It also indicates how well they get along, and if you have the most suitable combination of employees working in the appropriate departments to produce the company’s desired results.

Step Two

Once discovering where the broken pillars are, we send out to those departments only, a small second survey whose results reveal precisely, what needs fixing.
And of course, after implementing the recommendations, you can re-access at any time to track your progress.

Step Three

Our written summary supports the data results and recommends what needs creating, fixing, improved upon, or even cleaned up.

Step Four

Here is your opportunity to implement the recommendations and if you like us enough, we can do the work to execute those recommendations. We can go it alone, but what we like to do is work with you and your team. We believe that way; we can create a collaborative, responsive, and accountable team that drives results.

Ready to take the blinders off?

Let us shed light on your company's blind spots because what you don't know could be costing you:

  • • a corporate culture that your people can stand behind
  • • a productive, well-trained and happy team that has little turn-over
  • • a mission, vision, and set of values that are consistent throughout every pillar of your company
  • • amazing experiences for your customers
  • • an abundance of sales


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